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img    Isabel - Bioterrorism differential diagnosis functionality

Healthcare professionals are not as familiar with the symptoms and clinical signs of bioterrorism diagnoses/conditions as they ought to be. Providers also lack the necessary clinical training and experience to recognize and diagnose bioterrorism conditions.

Isabel addresses this knowledge gap: if a provider enters (or we can extract these from an electronic medical record) clinical features, the Isabel system will remind a user of likely diagnoses that include nerve agents (e.g. Sarin), chemical agents (e.g. Paraquat), biotoxins (e.g. Abrin), and emerging infectious diseases (e.g. Anthrax). Clicking on each bioterrorism diagnosis will give the provider the latest and up-to-date information from Centers for Disease Control (CDC), USA. Launched May 2005.

img    Isabel - Clinical alert system

Healthcare providers in hospitals across a region/hospital group are currently unaware if patients with similar clinical features have presented at other institutions.

Using proprietary pattern matching software the Isabel Clinical Alert System (ICAS) will allow healthcare professionals and epidemiologists in hospitals across the region/group, to view in real time, all the clinical queries entered into Isabel and diagnoses being considered by providers. Crucially should a provider enter a query similar to another query in the region say in the last, say, 15-30 minutes we will alert providers in the region/hospital group of this emerging paradigm. Launch August 2005.

img    Isabel - Clinical features and diagnoses monitoring system

Healthcare providers in hospitals across a region/hospital group are currently unaware of the patterns of clinical presentation of patients or patterns of diagnoses that have been considered. How many patients have presented with breathlessness and hypoxia in the last 24 hours? What are the most common presentations in the last week?What are the diagnoses that have been most frequently considered in the last 24 hours? How frequently has a diagnosis like Measles or SLE been considered in the last week?

Using proprietary pattern recognition and cluster analysis software the Isabel monitoring system captures and analyses all the clinical features and diagnoses being considered in real time across the region/hospital group. Patterns and clusters of clinical features and diagnoses are presented in tables, spectrographs and 2D cluster map. Healthcare professionals within the region/hospital group can interrogate the clusters and patterns for specific queries and diagnoses. Launch August 2005.

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